About Baltic

Baltic is the title of my thesis project. I have developed a fictional corporate typeface for the new harbour area of Hamburg, which is being built at this time. Its primary field of use is the wayfinding in that particular area. But since wayfinding and reading typefaces share many features like open counters, it will still be appropriate for setting text for immersive reading. The newly created harbour area in Hamburg consists of progressivly shaped buildings built from historically important materials like red bricks, concrete, cold steel and partly wood. The materials were chosen to visually fit the old harbour area called ¬ęSpeicherstadt¬ę. The fresh new harbour area blends in with the existing historic part. That was also my main starting point for the typeface. Apparently constructed letterforms like the rather rectangular round characters give it a progressive touch though it uses humanistic letterforms and reading-friendly proportions as well as diagonally cut stems and arms to cite early tools e.g. the broadnib pen. The interaction of old and new creates a new matter of form representing the air of hamburgs new harbour area.

Get Baltic

Baltic will be available in 2016. If you are interested in licencing the typeface or want to know something about it, send a mail to Baltic Type